Use your imagination to create riches

Use your imagination to create riches

Use your imagination to create riches, Napoleon Hill in his seminal work on Success Think and Grow Rich labeled imagination as the “Fifth Step toward Riches.”

It was his feeling that “MAN’S ONLY LIMITATION, within reason, LIES IN HIS DEVELOPMENT AND USE OF HIS IMAGINATION.” This is a very powerful endorsement of imagination. By the time that most of us become adults, society has caused us to completely lose the use of our imagination.

When we were kids it was our constant statement to say to our friends, “suppose.” and then to follow that statement with whatever thought our imagination had placed in our mind.

However, as we begin to grow and face adversity, we began to think that our dreams and hopes are useless. Based on this premise, we take a job and settle for our day to day lot in life. The dream of being a fireman or astronaut is completely gone.

We are also surrounded by our “loved ones” who means us well. These loved ones are constantly filling our head with the fact that we should be realistic. They constantly retort that “you should get those foolish thoughts out of your head.” They are constant advocates for you to grow up, get a job and face society like every other adult.

Use your imagination to create riches
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Use your imagination to create riches

However, Hill had the right idea that a creative imagination is crucial to success based on his constant study of success and what attracts it. He explains that creative imagination will begin to work automatically if a person has a strong desire . The strong desire creates emotion and this emotion will cause your imagination to assist you in accomplishing the object of your desire.

Hill felt that crative imagination was the mechanism that directly communicated with infinite intelligence. “It is the faculty through which hunches and inspirations are received. It is by this faculty that all basic, or new ideas are handed over to man.”

This is the key all new ideas are handed over to man through creative imagination. Therefore creative imagination is a tool that should be developed and not something to shy away from.

Hill points out that all great business leaders, musicians, artists and captains of industry have all developed their creative imagination. Two great articles on developing your imagination 10 ways to increase imagination and creativity and How to improve your imagination. Hill hones that point that your imagination may have become weak and can only be strengthened through use.

Use your imagination to create riches

We all have to recognize the single point that Hill is making. “Ideas are the beginning point of all fortunes.” Likewise, ideas are the product of imagination. You may constantly see products that seem so simple but they are in use every where. You probably say to yourself “how did they think of it.” Well its simple, they used there imagination and came up with an idea that resulted in them making a fortune.

This is a consistent concept. You must develop your imagination and use it to further your goal or plan. This is what is meant by thinking outside the box. It means that you have to be creative to make it work. It is the person that comes up with the idea that gets passed the hurdle that finds success.

The imagination is unlimited. Thoughts have fueled society. The telephone, the airplane, the submarine all started out as an idea that made the inventor rich and changed the course of society.

To sum up, the point is to intentionally develop your imagination. Began to use it more and more. First, in small ways and then for bigger and better ideas. This is essential to your quest for success and your end goal of riches. See Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich Chapter 6. This is how you use your imagination to create riches. See our recent post Effectively using your creative imagination.

3 keys to achieving success

3 keys to achieving success

3 keys to achieving success. Everyone wants to achieve success in all endeavors. Whether these activities occur in their personal lives or in business, we can always assume that every person wants a favorable  result.

There are three keys to achieving that success. Anyone that follows this blueprint will find consistent results. The three keys are:

  • Studying the activity
  • taking action based on research
  • copying someone with proven success

3 keys to achieving success

The first key is to study the activity you are trying to achieve. In order to achieve success you have to be a student of the game. You have to understand the rules. What are the dos and dont’s. This ensures that you know the framework that you operating in.

If you are in a networking business or multi level marketing business you need to know the compensation plan. This allows you to know exactly how you get paid. This is important for any activity you are involved in that involves compensation. You need to know what are the income producing activities involved.

You also need to be aware of the rules so that you do not violate any of them. For example, if you are involved in a competition or a contest, what are the rules that you must operate under. If you are in a business what are the governing rules that limit your activities. A violation of the rules could mean that you face sanctions. These sanctions could include going so far as to exclude you from participating in the competition or causing you to lose a business license. You do not want to be prevented from participating in any activity that you are trying to achieve success.

3 keys to achieving success

Likewise, by studying the game, you should know what skill sets are needed. You will also understand the consequences for taking a particular action. Moreover, you will know why you are taking a certain action.

In other words, if there is a certain system that is followed, you want to know what that system is. If there is a system involved, you should be intricately familiar with how the systems works. Moreover you need to become an expert at ensuring that you and everyone else involved in the activity on your behalf has a similar understanding of it.

3 keys to achieving success
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The second key is applying what you know about the activity. There are several people who spend time constantly learning and gathering information about their activity of interest. This is a great strategy for success and is the first key. However, on many occasions these people never apply what they have learned. They never take action.

We can all agree that if you have the fastest car in the world and you were in a car race, you would not win unless you turned the car on and put your foot on the gas. Well it is the same with any activity that you are trying to get a favorable result.

You have to create a game plan. You have to then take that game plan and break it down into activities. When you know what activities are needed, then you prioritize them. Finally, began to execute your plan.

3 keys to achieving success

It is important that each activity be capable of measuring. What I mean is that you must have the opportunity to determine whether each activity you are taking is effective. That only comes through measuring the results.

For example, if your plan is to talk to ten people, from how many people did you get the result your were seeking. As you begin to see a pattern, than you can determine if your activity needs to be changed or any corrections might be necessary. For example, if you talk to ten people and on average you get the result you want from two, then you will know how many people you need to talk to get the amount of people you need.

The final key is to determine if there are some experts who have already established success in your area. This is important because you want to become familiar with the common activities that will ensure you the same success as the expert.

I realize that you may not always have access to the expert personally, however there are other ways to get the information. First, does the expert have a platform available. This could include a website, a blog or a YouTube video. Is there any biography or autobiography that outlines the methods used by the expert. Is there any coaching group or one on one coaching available.

The key is to determine who has the success you want and to copy it. As you gain experience through taking action, you will be able to see which of the things that worked for others will work best for you. Those are the 3 keys to achieving success. Incorporate these methods into your day to day routine and you will be ensured better success in the future.

3 keys to achieving success

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