How to use your imagination to get what you want

How to use your imagination to get what you want

How to use your imagination to get what you want. Imagine your self in a big plush office, surrounded by mahogany wood. You look out of the window and see a rising skyline. This skyline has one of the most beautiful views that you can ever remember seeing. You push a button in front of you and tell your assistant to come into the office. While you wait, you look around the office at the plush furniture. You see on the wall pictures of your family and all of the awards that you have received. You admire the expensive furniture that surrounds you….

Then you open your eyes slowly and see the furniture in your family room. You arise from the comfortable chair and smile thinking about the vision of your success.

The imagination is a powerful vehicle to bringing you success. It is a tool that when combined with concentration (focus) allows you to think about a preferred set of circumstances. Your concentration and visualization of these circumstances is the topic of this blog post.

How to use your imagination to get what you want

You need to start thinking about what it is you desire out of life. During this brainstorming you should take notes. I am certain that it will take more than a few minutes of thought. There are factors to consider:

  • What type of profession or business do you desire
  • what type of home will you have
  • The car you want to drive what is it
  • Do you know what are the characteristics of the spouse you want to attract
  • Do you know what daily activities you would enjoy engaging in

What you want to do is take notes about what you want your life to be like. When you have gathered these notes, take them and write a little story starring yourself. This is called a life narrative.

How to use your imagination to get what you want

How to use your imagination to get what you want

Take this life narrative and read it daily. As a matter of fact read it twice daily. Take the time to put yourself in a comfortable chair or your other favorite relaxation spot. When you are comfortable, read this life narrative aloud. Then close your eyes and imagine yourself in the situation. Don’t just imagine it, really imagine it with emotion. Think about the sounds, the smells, the feelings you feel as you go through the events. Be happy and pleased as you do this.

Eventually, you will have your life narrative memorized to the point where you can repeat it out load as you sit in your comfortable area and visualize all that you say.

This method of visualization is the most effective tool to use to motivate the universe to bring you all that you can imagine. As you sit and think of your future life, do it with emotion and belief. The universal law of attraction is a law and must react to this method positively every time.

Practice this daily because this is how to use your imagination to get what you want. 


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