Napoleon Hill’s fifteen laws of success

Napoleon Hill’s fifteen laws of success

Napoleon Hill’s fifteen laws of success. As you may be aware, Napoleon Hill is the great guru of success. He spent most of his career interviewing some of the most successful captains of industry trying to determine common threads for their success. Hill’s motivation was that America had just gone through the Great Depression. Hill wanted to give valuable information that people could use to reinvigorate and move back on a track for success.

Hill’s work the Laws of Success is considered the only complete course on the topic. In this course, Hill examines fifteen laws of success. As a result, Hill has fifteen lessons that he relies on to teach the principles of success as he sees them.

Napoleon Hill’s fifteen laws of success

Hill outlines the purpose of the course as dealing with “one of the greatest problems in life, If not, in fact the greatest, is that of learning the art of harmonious negotiation with others. This course was created for the purpose of teaching people how to negotiate their way through life with harmony and poise, free from the destructive effects of disagreement and friction which bring millions of people to misery, want and failure every year.”

Hill defines success as “the attainment of your definite chief aim without violating the rights of other people.” This is why the main object of the course is learning the harmonious art of negotiation with others.

Therefore, Hill’s fifteen lessons are designed to show the reader step by step how to develop  a personalty that gives them to power to influence other people to cooperate in a spirit of harmony.

The first lesson teaches how to develop a definite chief aim in life. Hill acknowledges that many people go through life aimlessly and without purpose. The lesson teaches the reader how to settle on a well conceived purpose as a life work.

Napoleon Hill's fifteen laws of success

Napoleon Hill’s fifteen laws of success

Secondly, self confidence is taught to help the reader master the six basic fears, poverty, ill health, old age, fear of criticism, fear of loss of love and fear of death.

In the third lesson, Hill teaches the habit of saving.  Hill looks at saving as one of the greatest known sources of power. It is systematically distributing your income so that a definite percentage of it will steadily accumulate.

The fourth lesson teaches initiative and leadership. Hill teaches that success comes from being a leader in your chosen field of endeavor. This lesson will cause the reader to gradually gravitate to the top in all undertakings.

Likewise, the fifth lesson teaches how to develop the imagination. The imagination causes the mind to conceive of new ideas and to develop new plans.

Napoleon Hill’s fifteen laws of success

Enthusiasm is a lesson that Hill teaches because it enables the reader to “saturate” everyone that he/she comes in contact with in interest in them and their ideas. This lesson teaches the foundation of the pleasing personality.

The seventh lesson teaches self control. Hill refers to this skill as the “balance wheel.” it allows the reader to control their enthusiasm and direct it where the wish it to go.

In addition, the eighth lesson involves the habit of doing more than paid for. This lesson takes advantage of the law of increasing returns which means that a person will eventually get a return on their money far out of proportion to the services rendered.

The next lesson is one of the most important ones. A pleasing personality is the object of the ninth lesson. It teaches the reader how to transform his/her personality so as to adapt to any environment.  Likewise the reader learns to adapt to any other personality.

Lesson ten revolves around accurate thinking. The person mastering this lesson will learn how to separate facts from information. It teaches how to determine what is an important fact.

Likewise, concentration is the object of the eleventh lesson. it teaches the reader how to focus attention on one subject at a time. It teaches the lesson of how to align with others in such a manner that you will have use of their entire knowledge to back you up in your own plans and purposes.

The twelfth lesson teaches co-operation. This is the value of team work. The reader is taught how to apply the law of the ” master mind.” The main goal is to teach how to coordinate your efforts with the efforts of others.

Napoleon Hill’s fifteen laws of success

Moreover, the thirteenth lesson teaches how to profit by failure. It will teach how to make stepping stones out of all past and future mistakes and failures. It teaches the difference between failure and temporary defeats.

Additionally, lesson fourteen teaches tolerance. This lesson is the key to learning how to avoid the disastrous effects of racial and religious prejudice. Hill terms this lesson the twin sister of accurate thought because he recognizes that no one can become an accurate thinker without practicing tolerance.

The last and final lesson teaches the application of the golden rule. Hill defines the golden rule as the great universal law of human conduct. By using this rule correctly, one can gain harmonious co operation from any individual or group of individuals.

Mastery of Napoleon Hill’s  fifteen laws of success  will transform the student into a person with a personality that no one can resist. These lessons will allow the reader to gain the cooperation of any individual or group. The main purpose of this being to achieve your chief aim. This collection is a must have for any library and any avid student or success principles.

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Top three Facebook prospecting tips

Top three Facebook prospecting tips

Top three Facebook prospecting tips. Many times we are in a business that in order to be successful, recruiting a team is key. At the other end of the spectrum a business also thrives on sales and customers. No matter what the reason, it is an essential skill to be able to recruit and sell online.

The internet, social media is a platform where billions of people hang out every day. There are 2.07 billion active users on Facebook. (Statista) Twitter has 330 million active monthly users. (Statista). Youtube has 1 billion active users every month. (Huffington Post). This does not include Instagram, snapchat and pinterest. You can see that developing the skill to prospect online can be a valuable asset to your business.

This post will focus on Facebook prospecting. There are three tips that if you follow them, you can improve the number of people you expose your opportunity and product to daily. As you follow these steps daily you will improve every day and your results will reflect your improvement.

The first tip: Find personalities that are prominent in the niche that you are promoting. These people will have Facebook fanpages. On their fanpages they will have posts. My niche is online marketing. A prominent online marketer is Ray Higdon. To follow the example, if you are also a marketer, you would go to Ray Higdon’s fanpage. Find a post that has good engagement. What this means is there are a large number of people commenting on the post.

Top three Facebook prospecting tips

The people that have commented are all interested in online marketing. If they were not interested in online marketing, they would not be on Ray Higdon’s page, Viola, these are the people that you want to prospect. This does not mean that you private message them your opportunity or product sales video. It also does not mean that you comment in the post about your product or opportunity. What it does mean is that you strike up a conversation with someone who commented on the post.

This could include agreeing with their comment or replying in a way that sparks a conversation about their comment and then about them. However, prior to striking up the conversation, you go to their profile and check them out to determine if they might be a good fit for your business or someone that might be in need of your product.  At the least you want to know is this the type of person you might want to be friends with.

Top three Facebook prospecting tips

As you begin to strike up a conversation the person will become interested in what you do for a living. If you learn to steer the conversation properly, you can get to this subject quickly. You should also send that person a friend request. Look at their page. Are there pictures that you can talk about with them to keep the conversation going? Again, the object is to eventually get to what they do for a living and what you do for a living. This will give you the chance to discuss your opportunity or product.

Top three Facebook prospecting tips

The second prospecting tip is to look for Facebook groups that are related to your opportunity or product. Facebook is chock full of groups. Search the group by topic. If its a health and wellness opportunity or product that you have, find groups that revolve around the health and wellness niche. When you identify the groups you can rest assured that the people in the groups are there because they are interested in the topic that the group is about. Many of these groups do not allow you to post your opportunity or products in the group. You just follow the same routine of scanning the profiles of people in the group to determine who is a good fit for your opportunity or product.

Similarly, your next action will be just like discussed in the previous section. Strike up that relationship building conversation, send a friend request and wait for the right time to discuss your opportunity or product.

Top three Facebook prospecting tips

Finally, there are ads that you can see regularly in your news feed.  these posts have the label “sponsored.” People comment on these ads. If the ad involves an interest similar to your product or opportunity you can likewise prospect the people who have commented in the same way.

In conclusion, prospecting  online is just a way to build a relationship with a person with the object being that they will come to know, like and trust you. When you employ the proper prospecting technique you can speed this process along.  I am sure you are familiar with the term that people purchase from who they know, like and trust.

If you want to know more about online prospecting, register for this free prospecting training. Register here.

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Self assessment is important

Self assessment is important

Self assessment is important. When setting out to improve your life, self assessment is important. What is self assessment? It is an honest look at where your life is currently. This is so important because in trying to reach any destination, you must be totally aware of your current location. To know where you are is to know how to get to where you are going.

When creating a self assessment, you must be prepared to take an honest look at all aspects of your life that you wish to improve. The basic aspects of your life include your health, your family relationships, your social circles and interactions, your financial status and your business or income activities.

There are probably more things that are personal to you that you could include in your assessment. However, the above life aspects are inclusive of the minimum factors to be reviewed.

This exercise is not to be taken lightly and should be given some consideration and thought. Find some time when you can be alone and in a quiet environment. Then get your pad and begin to put down each category leaving room for your notes.

When listing a category, think about your current situation. What is going on around you. For example, lets look at the category of your health. How healthy are you at this moment? What things are you consciously doing to maintain good health? Are you practicing any activities that have the potential to improve your health? Do you have daily routines? How is your diet and weight? Finally, are you visiting a physician regularly to have your health screened and do you get a regular physical examination.

Self assessment is important
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Only you know how you feel when it comes to your health. An honest assessment will let you know exactly where you stand when it comes to your health and wellness. When you have concluded this aspect of  your assessment, you are then ready to look at what you consider to be your ideal health. What are your expectations for yourself when it comes to your health?

Self assessment is important

After you have done an honest assessment of your health and you have also considered where you want to be with your health, you are then ready to plan how you will get there. In other words, when you know where you are and what your destination is, then you are ready to plot your course.

You can then take each aspect of your life and complete the same assessment. This is followed by a projection of what exactly you want to accomplish and a draft plan of how to get there. Your plan will consist of your long term goals, short term goals, weekly and daily goals.

Taking action on self improvement will broaden and expand the quality of your life. When you begin to take steps to improve, you increase the likelihood that you will improve. But it all starts with the self assessment.

This good article about the Wheel of Life can assist you in deciding the best plan of action when performing your assessment. Also review our previous post about A self assessment of your business is important. Plan to assess yourself and start to improve your life.

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