Self assessment is important

Self assessment is important

Self assessment is important. When setting out to improve your life, self assessment is important. What is self assessment? It is an honest look at where your life is currently. This is so important because in trying to reach any destination, you must be totally aware of your current location. To know where you are is to know how to get to where you are going.

When creating a self assessment, you must be prepared to take an honest look at all aspects of your life that you wish to improve. The basic aspects of your life include your health, your family relationships, your social circles and interactions, your financial status and your business or income activities.

There are probably more things that are personal to you that you could include in your assessment. However, the above life aspects are inclusive of the minimum factors to be reviewed.

This exercise is not to be taken lightly and should be given some consideration and thought. Find some time when you can be alone and in a quiet environment. Then get your pad and begin to put down each category leaving room for your notes.

When listing a category, think about your current situation. What is going on around you. For example, lets look at the category of your health. How healthy are you at this moment? What things are you consciously doing to maintain good health? Are you practicing any activities that have the potential to improve your health? Do you have daily routines? How is your diet and weight? Finally, are you visiting a physician regularly to have your health screened and do you get a regular physical examination.

Self assessment is important
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Only you know how you feel when it comes to your health. An honest assessment will let you know exactly where you stand when it comes to your health and wellness. When you have concluded this aspect of  your assessment, you are then ready to look at what you consider to be your ideal health. What are your expectations for yourself when it comes to your health?

Self assessment is important

After you have done an honest assessment of your health and you have also considered where you want to be with your health, you are then ready to plan how you will get there. In other words, when you know where you are and what your destination is, then you are ready to plot your course.

You can then take each aspect of your life and complete the same assessment. This is followed by a projection of what exactly you want to accomplish and a draft plan of how to get there. Your plan will consist of your long term goals, short term goals, weekly and daily goals.

Taking action on self improvement will broaden and expand the quality of your life. When you begin to take steps to improve, you increase the likelihood that you will improve. But it all starts with the self assessment.

This good article about the Wheel of Life can assist you in deciding the best plan of action when performing your assessment. Also review our previous post about A self assessment of your business is important. Plan to assess yourself and start to improve your life.



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