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How Neuroplasticity proves the law of attraction

How Neuroplasticity proves the law of attraction

How Neuroplasticity proves the law of attraction. The Law of Attraction is a term that applies to the ability of a person to manifest his thoughts into physical reality. This is the ability to make the universe your tool. It is the universe that brings you what you want. Remember that thoughts are things. What you think about persistently and consistently you can manifest. This applies to positive thoughts and negative thoughts. So you can make good things happen to you or bad things.

What is Neuroplasticity? This term is loosely defined as the ability of the brain to change throughout an individuals’s life. Research in the later half of the 20th century showed that many aspects of the brain can be altered even through adulthood. Wikipedia

Recently, this term Neuroplasticity has become a buzzword in psychology and scientific circles, as well as outside of them, promising that you can “re-wire” your brain to improve everything from health and mental wellbeing to quality of life. The Neuroplasticity: the 10 fundamentals of rewiring your brain

How Neuroplasticity proves the law of attraction
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How Neuroplasticity proves the law of attraction

Science has used Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to confirm this morphing ability of the brain beyond a doubt. The concept of neuroplasticity is the aspect that engages the brain in the pursuit of all permanent learning, such as driving a car, dancing, learning word perfect. It covers the gambit from cooking to science.

But just as nueroplasticity has its use and enhances the brain with positive learning, it can also be detrimental. It is easily influenced by more subtle outside influences. In the article Your Plastic Brain: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly it is pointed out that the brain has the ability to change structure and function based on input from repeated behaviors, emotions, and thoughts.

Your brain actually wires itself based on what you do over and over in your life. Therefore, bad habits as well as good habits can become wired into your brain.

How Neuroplasticity proves the law of attraction

So , constantly inject into your mind positive thoughts designed to build your self confidence.  Replace the negative thoughts with thoughts of how you are rich and blessed with great things. You will start to transform your mind. Your mind will began to change physically. Those positive thoughts will become engrained in your mind.

The law of attraction works because the universe begins to transform your thoughts into physical reality.  Now we see that not only does the universe hear your thoughts but the brain physically transforms your mind into those thoughts. You can’t lose. If you are a person that practices affirmations. If you constantly thinks about positive thoughts you will cause your mind to under go a transformation.

This is what I used to refer to as training your mind. What I didn’t know is that it wasn’t mental it was physical. These things are the things which trigger the universe to spring into action and then voila your thoughts are manifest into the physical world. The universe can’t help but react because you are constantly and persistently thinking about your rich and positive lifestyle. Thus the law of attraction is enhanced by neuroplacisticity. This is how Neuroplasticity proves the law of attraction.

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Napoleon Hill’s fifteen laws of success

Napoleon Hill’s fifteen laws of success

Napoleon Hill’s fifteen laws of success. As you may be aware, Napoleon Hill is the great guru of success. He spent most of his career interviewing some of the most successful captains of industry trying to determine common threads for their success. Hill’s motivation was that America had just gone through the Great Depression. Hill wanted to give valuable information that people could use to reinvigorate and move back on a track for success.

Hill’s work the Laws of Success is considered the only complete course on the topic. In this course, Hill examines fifteen laws of success. As a result, Hill has fifteen lessons that he relies on to teach the principles of success as he sees them.

Napoleon Hill’s fifteen laws of success

Hill outlines the purpose of the course as dealing with “one of the greatest problems in life, If not, in fact the greatest, is that of learning the art of harmonious negotiation with others. This course was created for the purpose of teaching people how to negotiate their way through life with harmony and poise, free from the destructive effects of disagreement and friction which bring millions of people to misery, want and failure every year.”

Hill defines success as “the attainment of your definite chief aim without violating the rights of other people.” This is why the main object of the course is learning the harmonious art of negotiation with others.

Therefore, Hill’s fifteen lessons are designed to show the reader step by step how to develop  a personalty that gives them to power to influence other people to cooperate in a spirit of harmony.

The first lesson teaches how to develop a definite chief aim in life. Hill acknowledges that many people go through life aimlessly and without purpose. The lesson teaches the reader how to settle on a well conceived purpose as a life work.

Napoleon Hill's fifteen laws of success

Napoleon Hill’s fifteen laws of success

Secondly, self confidence is taught to help the reader master the six basic fears, poverty, ill health, old age, fear of criticism, fear of loss of love and fear of death.

In the third lesson, Hill teaches the habit of saving.  Hill looks at saving as one of the greatest known sources of power. It is systematically distributing your income so that a definite percentage of it will steadily accumulate.

The fourth lesson teaches initiative and leadership. Hill teaches that success comes from being a leader in your chosen field of endeavor. This lesson will cause the reader to gradually gravitate to the top in all undertakings.

Likewise, the fifth lesson teaches how to develop the imagination. The imagination causes the mind to conceive of new ideas and to develop new plans.

Napoleon Hill’s fifteen laws of success

Enthusiasm is a lesson that Hill teaches because it enables the reader to “saturate” everyone that he/she comes in contact with in interest in them and their ideas. This lesson teaches the foundation of the pleasing personality.

The seventh lesson teaches self control. Hill refers to this skill as the “balance wheel.” it allows the reader to control their enthusiasm and direct it where the wish it to go.

In addition, the eighth lesson involves the habit of doing more than paid for. This lesson takes advantage of the law of increasing returns which means that a person will eventually get a return on their money far out of proportion to the services rendered.

The next lesson is one of the most important ones. A pleasing personality is the object of the ninth lesson. It teaches the reader how to transform his/her personality so as to adapt to any environment.  Likewise the reader learns to adapt to any other personality.

Lesson ten revolves around accurate thinking. The person mastering this lesson will learn how to separate facts from information. It teaches how to determine what is an important fact.

Likewise, concentration is the object of the eleventh lesson. it teaches the reader how to focus attention on one subject at a time. It teaches the lesson of how to align with others in such a manner that you will have use of their entire knowledge to back you up in your own plans and purposes.

The twelfth lesson teaches co-operation. This is the value of team work. The reader is taught how to apply the law of the ” master mind.” The main goal is to teach how to coordinate your efforts with the efforts of others.

Napoleon Hill’s fifteen laws of success

Moreover, the thirteenth lesson teaches how to profit by failure. It will teach how to make stepping stones out of all past and future mistakes and failures. It teaches the difference between failure and temporary defeats.

Additionally, lesson fourteen teaches tolerance. This lesson is the key to learning how to avoid the disastrous effects of racial and religious prejudice. Hill terms this lesson the twin sister of accurate thought because he recognizes that no one can become an accurate thinker without practicing tolerance.

The last and final lesson teaches the application of the golden rule. Hill defines the golden rule as the great universal law of human conduct. By using this rule correctly, one can gain harmonious co operation from any individual or group of individuals.

Mastery of Napoleon Hill’s  fifteen laws of success  will transform the student into a person with a personality that no one can resist. These lessons will allow the reader to gain the cooperation of any individual or group. The main purpose of this being to achieve your chief aim. This collection is a must have for any library and any avid student or success principles.

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The positive effects of gratitude

The positive effects of gratitude

The positive effects of gratitude. It is important to practice gratitude in your life. Gratitude means that you are thankful for all that you have in your life. This includes people, circumstances and things. You should take time out of your life periodically to be intentionally grateful. You should make this a habit either daily or weekly.

I am always a fan of writing things down and you see this theme repeated in many of my blog posts. By making a list and writing it down, you are able to give it better thought. A written list will allow you to review it periodically. (See also The four most effective ways to master the law of attraction)

There are several advantages to making a list of the things that you are grateful for in life. First, making a list forces you to think of the things that you have in your life. You will think about the people that you come in contact with every day and how they benefit you. Your family and close friends can provide you with immeasurable joy and happiness. Many times your family  and friends provide you with advice and support. Some people that you know may not have the same benefit.

The positive effects of gratitude

Secondly, when you make a list of what you are grateful for, it forces you to realize that there are many beneficial things in your life. Many times we get sad and depressed. We think that our life circumstances are filled with bad breaks. However, if we take the time to review the good things that we are grateful for we began to understand that life is good. As your list fills the paper, you become happy about who you are and who is in your life.

The positive effects of gratitude

Third, an examination of the things that you possess will again cause you to wonder at all of the good things you actually possess. From a law of attraction stand point, the universe will see that you recognize the good fortune that has come your way and you open the way to attract more.

Finally, by reviewing what is good  about your life, your mind becomes more confident that you will always be capable of attracting the good things in life. Therefore, in your practice of the law of attraction, your mind will be stronger. You will have a stronger affect on the universe and your ability to attract what you want. So always practice gratitude and you will be happier and the universe will continue to bring you the blessings you desire. Yes, the positive effects of gratitude are many. See also The 31 Benefits of Gratitude in a post by Happier Human.