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3 ways to change your friends and your success

3 ways to change your friends and your success

3 ways to change your friends and your success. “Birds of a feather flock together.” “Your income is the average of the 5 people you hang around.” If you have been around long enough, chances are that you have heard one or both of these quotes.

Who you hang around is a definite influence on you and your success factor. Another great post is You are who you hang out with.This is true because many times your friends and family cannot understand your dreams or goals. They sit in the background and criticize your actions and try to talk you out of your dreams.

Many times your friends and family mean well. They don’t want to see you fail or waste your time.

In order to improve your success, you have to change this circle of friends. The lack of encouragement and the criticism will soon weigh on your success. If you are not strong you will give up at the first sign that your plan or goal is not being reached as fast as you thought it should be.

3 ways to change your friends and your success

3 ways to change your friends and your success

We will examine three quick methods that you can use to “change” your family and friends. These methods will allow you to accomplish this without changing your physical location. You also will not have to stop associating with your family and friends completely.

First, you can join a group on Facebook that has members who share the same goals that you do. You can do that by searching for a group that has the same interest or goal that you do. By doing this, you can engage with the members and exchange ideas. You can also share experiences. The members will be more that ready to give you encouragement and to help you share your successes. They may also have advice for you based upon their own experiences. Overall, this will be a better experience then relying on the support from friends and family. That support in most instances will not be forthcoming.

Second, you can read literature and find other information that talks abut the experiences of people with goals similar to yours. You can take a couple of hours out of your day to dive into this information. This will help you to forget the grumblings of your associates when they ask you “are you still into that thing.”

You can find books to read by leaders in the industry that you are trying to find success in. The stories in these books will share similar experiences as you have. The stories will give you advice and encouragement.

You can research blogs that are written by people you have found success in your industry. Again, this blog will give you advice and encouragement, offer resources and advice that will advance your efforts. Similarly, there may be a website that does the same thing.

3 ways to change your friends and your success

Finally, you can hire a coach to push you towards your goals. A coach will be able to make you accountable to accomplish your goals. You will receive encouragement when you are planning your next steps. There will be criticism if you fail to follow your plans. Most of all, you will find an individual that can motivate you in a positive manner.

There are plenty of success coaches available that have a good track record when it comes to motivating and assisting their clients to progress towards their dreams and goals. You just need to see who your budget can afford.

In conclusion, the three methods outlined allow you to change your environment, without physically changing your location.  You can follow one or all of these approaches. When you begin to spend time in a positive environment and with encouragement you will become immune to the negative feedback from people who do not understand what it is you want to accomplish. Furthermore, you will become less likely to discuss your goals and projects with family and friends because you will have another outlet. So implement these 3 ways to change your friends and your success. You will be glad you did.

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