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This is how you prepare for 2018

This is how you prepare for 2018

This is how you prepare for 2018. As we move into 2018, we are all aware that it is a time for reflection and planning. These are the two tasks that if done effectively, will ensure that you start your 2018 off in a way that will put you on the path to success.

Reflection will include assessing the things that you accomplished in 2017. Take time to review your goals and notes from 2017. Hopefully, you had a set of written goals and you followed through on those goals throughout the year.

A review of each goal is required. While reviewing each goal determine what progress that you have made with each. Have you made enough progress to consider the goal completed? If so, then evaluate whether there is a next step necessary or whether your priorities have changed enough to warrant your considering that the goal has been completed.

By contrast, if your goals were not written goals, then you should make a list of the things that you accomplished in 2017. However, you should bear in mind that you are more likely to accomplish goals that have been written down.

This is how you prepare for 2018
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Your assessment should also include an evaluation of the things that should have been accomplished in 2017. In other words, were there any things that you learned in 2017, that should have been placed on your goals list. Were there any items that upon reflection should have been a goal of yours.

When creating your assessment, write down a list of the things that are incomplete from 2017. Also, write down the things which should have been included in 2017. Now you have your list to start your planning for 2018.

This is how you prepare for 2018

As you plan review your list. You want to ensure that your goals are s.m.a.r.t goals. (review this great article What is Smart goals). Write down a list of about ten goals that you want to accomplish for 2018. Your list should not only include incomplete goals and goals that you missed in 2017, but should also include new ones.

Using a planner to write down and track your goals is a great idea. I use the Full Focus Planner because it has a great system. it outlines how you should draft your annual goals, your quarterly goals and more specifically your weekly goals. However, any planner or goal planning system will assist you in coming up with a great plan going into 2018.

In conclusion, as you move into 2018, written goals should be your main priority for the beginning of the year. As I learned from reading “The Strangest Secret,” if you were planning to steer a ship with out a destination, you would just circle the harbor without ever reaching any place. Likewise, if you go into 2018 without goals you will have no plan of action and get very little accomplished. Our aim at Create a Truly Rich Life is to see that our readers are successful at every turn.  So write down your goals,. Draft a plan of action for getting each goal accomplished. (see our prior blog post Always take action towards your goals.) Soar to success in 2018…Happy New Year. This is how you prepare for 2018


3 ways to improve your mindset for 2018

3 ways to improve your mindset for 2018

3 ways to improve your mindset for 2018. As we go into 2018, we all know that this is the time to plan for a successful year. You don’t want to go into 2018 feeling unprepared for change and still feeling overwhelmed (bad word) and anxious about the future.

So how do you change this feeling if you have it or how do you ensure that you are bullet proof going into 2018. The answer is to first start with your mindset. Mindset is always an important part of ensuring success. It is the driving force behind your motivation to succeed.

Therefore, going into 2018, we thought we would bring you three simple suggestions for improving your mindset. The mind is a tool because as we have always said, thoughts are things.

The first mindset hack is to know what it is you want going into 2018. Use your imagination to picture how you want your reality to unfold into the new year. Sit quietly and just picture all aspects of your life. What do you want to accomplish? Your goals and desires are important. Even more important is that you are clear on what these goals and desires are. So take the time to picture 2018 and what that future will hold for you.

Second, when you have the picture in your mind of your outlook on 2018, write it down. Write down your thoughts. Be specific about what you intend to accomplish. This could also include obtaining a good planner or goal setting system. Write down the items you want to obtain. Whether these items are a new car or a house, it is important to document these items. As we have said before in Create a Truly Rich Life blog posts, it is important for you and the universe to be on one accord about what it is that you desire. The universe is designed to assist you in accomplishing all that  you intend for yourself.

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When you write these desires down, be as inclusive and descriptive as you can be. When you have fully captured a great picture of your 2018, then begin the task of reviewing this list daily. Review it two to three times daily. This will accomplish keeping your picture constantly fresh in your mind. The more you picture want you want, there is an increased likelihood that you will accomplish all of your goals and receive everything you want.

Finally, this being a new year, its time to use the goals and wants you listed to  formulate a vision board. A vision board includes pictures representing the things on your list. (see previous post What is a vision board, make the Law of Attraction work for you). Place the vision board with its pictures of what you want in a prominent place where you will see it several times a day. A vision board is an additional way to keep your desires for 2018 on your mind.

These mindset hacks will plant the seeds in the rich garden of your mind. It will ensure that you maintain the necessary thoughts to find success in 2018. So began at once to take action and use these 3 ways to improve your mindset for 2018 to take control of the new year. Another good article to read is 3 Powerful Questions That Will Shape Your 2018 And Ultimately Change the Course of Your Life.

Successful habits formula

Successful habits formula

Successful habits formula. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen in their best selling book The Power of Focus, outline their successful habits formula. We all have bad habits which include not returning phone calls or always being late for meetings. These habits can hinder your success. They are not the end of the world, but by changing them you can improve your results.

In this blog post, I thought I would review this successful habits formula so that first of all you would be aware of your bad habits but more importantly  have a formula that would assist you to change them over time.

It must be pointed out that certain habits may have been constantly practiced by you for years. So even though its a common belief that it takes twenty one days to form a habit, it may take longer to change or stop doing something that most would consider a bad practice. In other words, the longer you have had a habit, the more time it may take to stop or change.

There are three basic steps to the successful habits formula. The first step is to identify your bad habits. Its just common sense that you certainly can’t change a circumstance without knowing what that circumstance is. Canfield explains that certain habits may have long term implications like smoking. Over time smoking can result in lung cancer. So not only is identifying your bad habits important, but thinking about the long term implications may also be helpful to motivate you to change.

Successful habits formula

Successful habits formula

Second, define your new successful habit. In other words, what are you going to replace the bad habit with. This is usually the opposite of the bad habit. For example, arriving to meetings early could be the new choice. Canfield recommends focusing on the benefits and rewards that come along with adopting the new habit. This will act as motivation for adopting the change.

Finally, you must take action. In the smoking example you can take smoke cessation classes, adopt exercising, or reading stop smoking literature. Start with the habit you want to change and adopt three immediate action steps you can take. Once you have identified the action steps, take action immediately. Jack Canfield talks about this formula in this YouTube video. (watch here).

In conclusion, identifying and changing your bad habits will not only improve your quality of life but also add to your chances for success. Adopt the successful habits formula and start changing your life for the better. Also check out this blog post on five success habits that can bring you success.